don't you cry no more


Sammy, let me go.

"Dean Winchester completes me.”



Cole: You remember me?

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I want Demon Dean to meet Souless Sam

Demon Dean, Soulless Sam, and Crazy Cas

Team Alliteration

Jared & Gen at the Supernatural 200th Episode Celebration, 18th October 2014.

Tangled Restrooms on a cloudy evening (source: me)


Everybody who reblogs this i will write your url/name down in a book called “People who won a People’s Choice Award for Best Fan Following” and send it to the Supernatural set. 


Would you like me to say a few words?


send me which disney princess you think i would be

  • Kidnapper: Get in the fukin van
  • Me: Oh ok cool
  • Kidnapper: Wut
  • Me: This is a febreze commercial right
  • Kidnapper: Wut
  • Me: Smells pretty shitty in here to me tbh


I wouldn’t be laughing, Gareth. A member of the group says they’re gonna kill someone, they’re gonna kill them.

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fist bump

t h e m e